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Product Info:

The LetuFix™ DIY screen replacement kit for the iPhone 5 is the perfect way to replace your broken screen in the comfort of your own house.

The kit includes:

  • iPhone 5 Replacement Screen/Digitizer 

  • Pre-Installed Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector

  • 1 x Phillips Screwdriver

  • 1 x Pentalobe Screwdriver

  • 1 x Spudger

  • 1 x Tweezer  

  • 1 x Suction Cup

  • 1 x Triangular Opening Pry Tool

Please note: This repair kit is for the iPhone 5 only, it is not compatible with either the iPhone 5c or the iPhone 5s



Takealot.com Reviews:

Great DIY kit! Only took 15min to replace my broken screen. Would definitely recommend this kit as the replacement screen quality is great, exactly what I wanted."

Alessandro, South Africa. 8 August 2017

iPhone 5 - Black

Excellent product."

Thiyolan, South Africa. 15 August 2017

iPhone 5 – Black

Works as good as my old screen. Exact same thing in terms of resolution.
Just frustrated that I only found out about this now, would have saved me a lot of money... 
I think the concept is great."

Jason, South Africa. 17 August 2017

iPhone 5 – Black

Just installed mine. Quick, easy and cheap. Works as good as my last screen. I won't even bother with a phone case because a decent iPhone case will cost me as much as this screen. Very happy with this find! Just need to be careful not to lose any screws when replacing it. 

Vian, South Africa. 17 August 2017

iPhone 5 – Black

Blown away, for this price, I'm amazed. It works great. Properly packaged and comes with good quality tools too!"

Daniel, South Africa. 29 August 2017

iPhone 5 – Black

Stoked! Works great!"

Dane, South Africa. 5 September 2017

iPhone 5 – Black

Great product. The screen comes in great packaging that makes it safe so handle. 
All the needed tools to use are provided. I would recommend it to anyone who's a DIY like me or anyone who wants their screen replaced." 

Don, South Africa. 14 September 2017

iPhone 5 – Black

Happy! Tools are good and screen is identical to the one I had."

Damian, South Africa. 15 September 2017

iPhone 5 – Black

Super! Took me 20 minutes flat to replace it, super easy, screen works great."

Ivan, South Africa. 29 September 2017

iPhone 5 – Black

Great tools, great concept and great screen. Very happy with it.

Nick, South Africa. 30 October 2017

iPhone 5 – Black

Very happy with this screen.
Identical in terms of screen resolution. Also must say that it's very safely packaged. 
Good quality tools. Took me a few minutes to replace the screen, was actually really easy to do."


Bob, South Africa. 16 August 2017

iPhone 5 – White

Works great!
Delivery was quick. Screen quality is identical to my previous one. Tools and packaging are also very well thought out.
Replacing the screen itself was very fast and really easy, didn't take more than 10 minutes (and this was the first time i did it, so I'm sure i can do it quicker next time) anyone can do it really. 
Overall, very happy to have found this. Would have cost me a lot more if I brought it to a shop to get the screen replaced. Cool concept!"


Brendan, South Africa. 18 August 2017

iPhone 5 – White

Life saver! Works perfectly! Would give it six stars but can only give five. Lol"

Richard, South Africa. 22 August 2017

iPhone 5 – White

Saw the video on Facebook and just had to give it a try. Really happy with it, installed it over the weekend and has worked perfectly since then, I even dropped my phone again on the screen and to my surprise it wasn't cracked, impressed especially for the price. Tools are also good quality. Comes with two magnetised screw drivers, a pick, a suction cup, tweezers and another weird tool but they all helped a lot to replace the screen without any difficulty."

Tim, South Africa. 4 September 2017

iPhone 5 – White

Happy with it. Works just as I wanted. Been using it for the past two days now, screen is perfect!"

Gabrielle, South Africa. 15 September 2017

iPhone 5 – White

Was quoted three times the price at a shop where I live. So was quite worried to see what I would get for this price. Really surprised, installation was super easy and the screen itself is identical to my old one. Very happy with it."

Stefano, South Africa. 27 September 2017

iPhone 5 - White

Real happy. For a new screen is an absolute steal. Used it for a week now. Works just fine. Super happy."

Micky, South Africa. 30 October 2017

iPhone 5 – White

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