Sick and tired of getting overcharged when getting your cracked smartphone screens replaced? We were too, so we founded LetuFix™.


We thought it was ridiculous that no kit out there existed which allowed people to take things into their own hands and fix their own smartphone screens. Phone manufacturers simply want your device to come back to them for repair when you break your glass - we really think that's not right. We think people should be able to fix thing themselves if they wish to do so.

So how does it work?

The process is simple - buy the kit on Takealot.com, have it delivered to your door and fix it yourself.

No need to drive to a repair shop, no need to give your phone to complete strangers, no need to wait endless days for them to fix it.

What’s our secret?

It’s simple, it’s you.

Replacing a screen really isn’t rocket science, our kit contains the part as well as the tools you’ll need and our website contains the instructions for you to become your own technician. By removing the labour fees as well as the brick and mortar stores of a repair shop out of the equation allows us to offer screen replacements for a significantly lower price.

We understand that our kit isn't for everyone, if you're a busy person and you rather have someone fix your device for a higher price, chances are our kit isn't for you.

However, if you're interested in saving money, concerned about technicians swapping parts in your phone without you knowing, if you don't want to have your device sitting at a repair store for several days or if you don't mind doing things yourself, then this kit is for you. 

We believe the only route to success is providing quality parts and tools. We have invested a lot of resources to ensure that areas like brightness, colour gamut and sharpness are as accurate as they can be. We understand that such details are vital to ensure that our customers can fully trust our products.

We have been selling our kits on Takealot.com for almost two years while ever so slightly improving it over this period of time , we have received constructive criticism as well as many positive product reviews on Takealot.com.

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